I would like to introduce myself as Big Papa. I am the founder of Foster Anonymous, a 12-Step program for the Foster Care Community. But I would like you to know that there have been many more before me that were instrumental in my recovery through the 12-Steps. This knowledge is passed from one recovering person to another. In turn, I have brought the 12-Step program to others as a sponsor. I do this without recognition for myself. I do it for you. In the 12- Steps, we give freely of our time and services. Big Papa is just my anonymity. I am not in charge. This program belongs to all of us.

The reason I brought this program to you is that I studied the behaviors of fosters, and they are the same behaviors and diagnosis’s that I have dealt with for 30 years. Let me assure you I have gone through the same losses, the same pain, the same behaviors, and treatments as many of you have. That is why I have such compassion for you. That is what inspired me to start Foster Anonymous. I knew in my heart that I could share something with you that changed my life. I have also seen many people get total recovery and go on to lead awesome lives.

I use the name Big Papa because it helps me stay anonymous with the public, and it helps our members stay anonymous with the public as well. There are people in my life that I would like to protect their privacy. As far as anonymity when you are in public and you want to know if someone else is in the F.A. program, you can say, “Are you a friend of Big Papa?” without breaking your anonymity.


We share our experience, strength, and hope


6:30 - 7:30PM

13 Dec 2023


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